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Restaurants Nearby For Chicken Sauvlaki in Sault Ste. Marie ON

Restaurants Nearby: Not only does this city have friendly people who dwell beside the river but provides several fun filled activities for the vacationers to enjoy


. Being able to fish at the river , spectacular sights , as well as other activities to delight in for vacation enthusiasts. If you’re a food enthusiast , then a very good dining alternative is available.


If you wish to enjoy the best foodstuff , then North 82 dining will be your very best option in Sault Ste . Marie


. Famous for its steak among the regional cuisine options , North 82 offers both American and Canadian specialties too. North 82 is a not-to-be-missed dining spot regardless of whether you want noon meal , evening meal or perhaps late night meals.


Enjoy The Finest Food Choices At North 82 Restaurant


Steak and Seafood


Restaurants Nearby: The delicious steaks and seafood offered at North 82 makes this restaurant more popular. In case you have a love for these , then you will definitely enjoy the special taste available at North 82. Pair your food with your favorite beverage from a wide range of drinks


. This will be an unforgettable feel for your taste buds , family and even friends.


Preferred Tourist Destination


The city of Sault Ste . Marie is a well known vacation spot since years. North 82 is considered the most visited dining place in this city by the vacationers. All travelers delight in their chosen meals when they are here. The restaurant provides a tourist-friendly feel for people with a penchant for vacation with regard to food.


Sunday Brunches


Sundays are made more wonderful and enjoyable with North 82’s Sunday brunch menu. 




North 82 presents an easy environment to accommodatefamily time. Whether you are a smaller family of four or like to enjoy yourself with a wonderful get-together , this is a great place to make reminiscences with them. Not just this , our luxurious party rooms are ideal for birthday celebration and events.


Impressive Bar


Are you a large bunch of buddies holidaying to this city? You should drop in at North 82 for lengthydiscussions and relaxing drinks. 


Good Value


At North 82 , customers will find a wonderful menu . There is something for each and every one to try. All food items are charged well. The restaurant’s well qualified and certified cooks ensure to provide a great taste so that you get the value for your money.


Great Customer Satisfaction


All the staff at North 82 is qualified and professional to make people feel welcomed and comfortable. The restaurant makes certain that their team is well experienced to handle many guests coming to their restaurant.


The city of Sault Ste . Marie provides one among the amazing dining alternatives like North 82. North 82 not only provides the most delightful meals , but offers you a neat and cozy environment also. Drop in once and you fall in love with our food. Restaurants Nearby For Chicken Sauvlaki in Sault Ste. Marie ON call (705) 759-8282